Club future

BADMINTON England's ten year strategy 'A Decade of Delivery' places clubs at the top of the agenda in terms of support and activity and Club Future provides the structure to identify, nurture and deliver the champions of tomorrow.

          Club Future                      

Club Future has a simple vision to:

  • Increase the number of adults and juniors playing badminton through sound playing and competitive club programmes
  • Increase the recruitment, education and development of coaches and volunteers
  • Improve the infrastructure of our club network

Club Future Pathway

Club Future identifies different types of clubs which are able to provide the necessary environment for badminton to thrive.

Foundation Club - A club which demonstrates they are accessible and welcoming to everyone and those which are organised to the highest level with the safest standards.

Premier Club - BADMINTON England Clubmark standard for junior clubs or clubs with junior sections and is awarded to proven high quality badminton clubs.

Performance Centre - Provides a platform to increase competitive opportunities and raise standards for all players. They operate at local community level in clubs and schools by establishing an infrastructure in order to nurture talent including the identification of players, coaches, volunteers and officials.

Sitting above Performance Centres are High Performance Centres and the National Badminton Centre.

If you are interested in gaining club accreditation click on the following useful links.

Alternatively, get in touch with your local badminton development officer -



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