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Bisi is a fantastic resource that can be used by both teachers and coaches in the delivery of fun, high quality badminton for young people aged 4-16 years. Bisi packs consist of a set of cards displaying different activities to keep badminton sessions varied and developmental. There are different packs available designed to suit each age group. For more information on Bisi Activity Packs please visit the BADMINTON England website All resources are available through the online shop.

Bisi Festivals

Bisi Festivals are the ideal introduction to badminton for key stage 2 children (7-11 years). The festival activities are designed to provide success for all, and provide the opportunity for differentiation and progression by teachers/coaches. The festivals also align with the national curriculum by providing opportunities to:

  • Acquire and develop skills
  • Select and apply skills and tactics
  • Evaluate and improve performance, whilst developing teamwork

These festivals are essential as positive early years experiences lead to increased likelihood of lifelong participation. If you or your school/club would like to deliver a Bisi Festival please contact Patrick Lucas, Regional Officer at 












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